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Question1:What is Inverter?
Inverter is an electronic equipment that turn DC12V/24V/48V into AC110V/220V/230V/240V.

Question: How many kinds of output wave form for Inverters?
Pure sine wave Inverter: It could provides high quality AC and carry various loads,While it requires high
tech and high cost.
Modified sine wave Inverter: It can load poorly not carrying inductive load, but the price is moderate.

Question:Where is the main application of the inverter?


2)Field working:lighting、heating…

3)Hospital emergency rescue:operating lamp,instrument application…

4)Family emergency lighting:lamp、TV…

Question:What is output continuous power?
Continuous work in the normal case
output continuous power is the AC power suplly continuous work in the normal case

Question:what is the peak power?
The peak power is the inverter in the boot moment can withstand the power, usually refers to the motor type of load. When the start of the start due to the large current generated by the instantaneous start of power, known as the peak output power.

Question:What is different between the output continuous power and peak power?
Continuou power =currentx220(AC)
Starting load=2xpower

Question:What is the difference between output waveform of the modified pure sine wave inverter and the 220V city power output voltage?
output waveform of the modified pure sine wave inverter is an analog ture sine wave ,but the output waveform of the city power is ture sine wave.

Question:what is the difference between the output voltage of the modified pure sine wave inverter and the output voltage of the city power ?
The output voltage of the inverter as same as the city power voltage.

Question:whta is the fault of the inverter usually occurred?
1)the inverter shutdown and alarm when in use ,please check the item:
2)The electrical battery is it connect with the inverter
3) In the course of using,the machine shoutdown ,please check is it the tempature alarm,please stop for a period time then can use again

Question:what is the function and protection of this product?
• High voltage protection
• Low voltage protection
• Over load protection
• Over temperature protection
• Over current protection
• Output short circuit protection
• Converse Connection protection

Question:How to choose a power inverter?

Mose of the electronic products are signed out their rated power, and the rated
power should be less than the rated power of the power inverter.
The method of how to estimate the power(W): The total of load power should be equal to the rated power(W) of the power inverter.