Funtion & Feature of High frequency power inverter

Click: 54  Date: 23/2/2021 4:19:37 PM

This product has perfect safety protection functions, such as DC input inverse connection prevention and DC input buffering protection and other comprehensive protection measures for overvoltage, overload, short circuit, over-temperature and inverter fault.

Due to the adoption of the advanced backward noise suppression techniques, this product does not mutually intervene with the communication equipment sharing the DC cabinet. The AC input terminal employs multiple filtering to eliminate the interference of the utility power grid in order to meet the requirements of the application system for AC-dominated power supply.

This product can flexibly set AC-dominated power supply and DC-dominated power supply (such power supply form can be switched through LCD panel or communication background software):

1. When there is mains, AC-dominated inverter power supply is under mains output mode; in case of mains fault, AC inverter power supply automatically switches to inverter output.

2. DC-dominated inverter power supply is under inverter output mode during normal operation, and automatically switches to mains by-pass output during the occurrence of DC input fault.

This product also has the function of LED+LCD status display, alarm signal display and alarm recording, and is provided with 128*64 lattice screen as the perfect humanized man-machine interface with blue background and white subtitles.

This product has 5 groups of passive dry contacts respectively for DC input fault, AC input fault, overload information, by-pass information and output fault.

This product is also provided with completely independent RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces, and supports real-time data communication function, and can use the monitoring software to monitor and control the working condition of the inverter power supply in a real-time manner.

This product supports built-in TCP/IP communication to realize remote network monitoring and management of the inverter power supply.(Optional)

This product supports built-in SNMP communication to realize the interconnecting function of the inverter power supply and attain the objective of network monitoring and management.(Optional)