Introduction of High frequency power inverter

Click: 55  Date: 29/12/2020 3:18:30 PM

Dedicated sine wave inverter is especially designed and produced for the enterprises in electrical power system and post and telecommunication industries according to their actual requirements under the condition of not only considering the spatial installation size and the automation and networking requirements for the inverter management in IT age, but also considering the influence of the noise on the personnel in offices or in machine rooms.


The inverter of this series employs advanced SPWM and CPU control technology to realize precise control, isolated input and output, output soft start, safety and high efficiency, good reliability and strong impact resistance to inductive load. Not only with small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance, simple operation, low noise, low backward noise and no pollution, but also with the function of real-time data collection and multi-path remote communication, the products of this series can provide convenience for many system users to implement network management and remote control. Meanwhile, such inverter is not only applicable to communication industry, but also applicable to other occasions with high requirements for power supply quality, thus becoming the ideal selection of the power supply for office automation.