1. Multi-function LCD display portable power inverter
  1. 120VAC Output
  2. 220VAC Output
  1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  1. 48vdc-220vac
  2. 110Vdc to 220Vac
  3. 220Vdc to 220Vac
  1. Low frequency power inverter with charger
  1. 12V/24V/48V MPPT Controller
  2. 96V MPPT Controller
  1. 110vac & 220vac output
  2. 120vac & 240vac output
  1. Modified sine wave inverter
  1. 1000W
  2. 1500W
  3. 3000W
  4. 6000W
  5. 10KW
  • 125Vdc 8A
  • Product Model : YK-AD1258
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The adjustable power supply adopts high frequency switching power technology. it is controlled by high performance microcomputer. The voltage and current can be adjusted independently.

The adjustable power supply widely used in industrial control and electronic products aging and testing.It is suitable for all kinds Resistance load, capacitive load, inductive load



1. Wide input range

2. With input surge protection to avoid overshoot at the start of the dc power supply

3. Isolated design

4. Small volume , light weight with high efficiency

5. The output voltage and current are adjustable in the whole range 1% to 100%, which is convenient for users to use flexibly

6. Output voltage and current with high brightness digital tube display

7. Automatic equalizing technology, which supports parallel operation of multiple machines, can achieve higher power output effectively.

8. Support 0-5vdc/0-12Vdc Remote control output voltage and current , Read-back output voltage and current (option)

9. With RS232/RS485 Communication port to connect computer make real-time control (option)

  • Application

It is widely used in electric power DC screen system, engineering control, communication, scientific research, charge of storage battery, and other equipments.

  • Customize Range

Regards the Variable DC power supply, We can customize any constant voltage and constant current according to your request.

Input: (Option)

Ø 1 Phase: AC220V±15%50Hz/60HzDC(230330)V

Ø 3 Phase: AC380V±10%50Hz/60HzDC(450600)V

Output: (Option, Free combination of voltage and current base on user request)

Ø 1~3000VStabilizer voltage value. 1% to 100% adjustable

Ø 1~2000AConstant current value. 1% to 100% adjustable

Ø Efficiency: ≥88%

Adjustable mode: (Option)

Ø Keystroke type

Ø Knob type

Shell: (Option)

Ø Desk/ tower type /19inch Rack Mount Type 

  • Specification






Input Voltage

1 Phase: AC220V±15%50Hz/60Hz

Output Voltage

1.25~125VStabilizer value. 1% to 100% adjustable

0.08~8AConstant current value. 1% to 100% adjustable

Max 1000w

Source Voltage Regulation Rate


Load Regulation

Stabilizer Voltage ≤1%; Constant Current≤2

Voltage Display Accuracy

+ 1.2%

Current Display Accuracy

+ 1.5%.

Display form

0.000 to 9999

Output Voltage Overshoot

≤2% of maximum output

Operation Temperature


Over-Temperature Protection

(75~85) C.

Heat Dissipation Mode/ Cooling mode

Fan heat dissipation

Ripple Voltage




Start-up Output voltage setting time



lower voltage, over voltage, over current, short circuit, overheating Protection

Insulation Strength

Input output: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minutes;

Input - machine shell: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minutes;

Output - shell: AC1500V, 10mA, 1 minutes

Insulation Resistance

Input-Output ≥20MΩ

Input-Output ≥20MΩ

Input-Output ≥20MΩ



Remote Control Function (Option)

0-5Vdc /0-10Vdc analog signal control output voltage & current


0-5Vdc /0-10Vdc analog signal to read-back output voltage & current


0-5Vdc /0-10Vdc analog Switch signal to control output ON/OFF


4-20mA analog signal control output voltage & current


RS232/RS485 Communication port control by computer

Dimension /Net Weight

165×330×88mm  3.5Kg

Adjustable Voltage / Current Mode

Knob type & Keystroke type for option



Shell Design

Rack Mount or Tower Type for option